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  • Eyebrow Wax

    10 minutes, £5,00

  • Lipwax

    10 minutes, £4,00

  • Chin Wax

    10 minutes, £4,00

  • Underarm Wax

    20 minutes, £8,00

  • Bikini Wax

    20 minutes, £8,00

  • High Bikini Wax

    20 minutes, £10,00

  • Full Leg Wax

    40 minutes, £22,00

  • Half Leg Wax

    Please note, we need at least 3 weeks hair growth before a leg wax can be done. 

    30 minutes, £14,00

  • Back Wax

    30 minutes, £18,00

  • Chest Wax

    30 minutes, £20,00

  • Cyclist Leg Wax

    40 minutes, £22,00

  • Eye Brow Wax and Lip Wax

    10 minutes, £9,00

  • Eyebrow Wax + Tint

    Patch test required if you are new to the salon. Otherwise treatment will not be done.

    20 minutes, £9,00

  • Eyebrow tint

    10 minutes, £4,00

  • Lash Tint Brow & Wax Tint

    A 24hr patch test must be carried out before getting tint done 

    30 minutes, £18,00

  • Lip and Eye Brow Wax

    10 minutes, £9,00

  • Half Leg Wax And Bikini Wax

    30 minutes, £22,00

  • Nasal Hair Hot Wax Removal

    All hairs gone in seconds. No fuss just wax on wax off. 

    10 minutes, £4,50

  • Holiday Wax Tint Package

    1/2 leg wax + bikini + eye brow wax tint + eyelash tint +underarm wax 

    50 minutes, £44,00

  • Full Body Spray Tan

    Bellamianta tan. 

    Please have no products on your skin prior to spray. Wear loose dark clothing. 

    Waxing can not be done on the same day. 

    30 minutes, £20,00

  • Half Body Spray Tan

    20 minutes, £10,00

  • Nail File And Paint

    30 minutes, £8,00

  • Pedicure

    Nails filed

    Cuticle work

    Hard skin filed


    Hot booties

    Nails painted. 

    Opened toed shoes essential. 


    80 minutes, £30,00

  • Back Massage 25minute Hands On

    40 minutes, £21,00

  • De-stress Massage 50mins

    Best massage to help aches and pain. Knots are worked on, then finish with a relaxing scalp massage. You will sleep. 

    35 mins spent on back. 

    Then shoulders, neck and scalp are worked on. 

    50 minutes total treatment time.

    Please be aware if you are late,unfortunately  time will be taken of your treatment. 

    60 minutes, £36,00

  • Leg Massage 30mins Hand On

    40 minutes, £20,00

  • Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage 35min Treatment Time

    50 minutes, £24,00

  • Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage With Reiki Added

    Back, Neck and shoulders massaged for 35 minutes, then 15 minutes of reiki added to the end of your massage. 

    Total relaxation with a taster of the reiki treatment. 

    70 minutes, £38,00

  • Indian Head Massage 45min Treatment

    Anyone suffering from headaches, stress, Sinus, pain in shoulders neck, jaw pain, lack of sleep, depression this is for you. 

    Oils are blended to suit Sinus, stress headaches or sleep disorders. 

    Totally relaxing but very effective by using massage techniques and pressure points you will be floating out. 

    Treatment done lying down not on a chair much more comfortable. 

    60 minutes, £30,00

  • Tailored To You Massage

    50 min massage tailored to your needs. Maybe you want your legs and back done. Or head shoulders and neck. Wherever your problem points are we work fully on those for 50 mins. 

    60 minutes, £40,00

  • Removal Of Lashes (free for My Lash Clients)

    If you have had your lashes on long enough please book for removal. Do not pull the extensions out this is not good for your natural lashes. 

    20 minutes, £10,00

  • Lash Extensions

    Please ensure you have no eye products on before appointment, such as mascara. 

    Lashes will adhere to lashes for longer if lashes are dry. 

    Not suitable for hayfever sufferers, sensitive eyes, dry eyes, allergies sufferers. 


    No oils, mascara or picking at lashes after treatment. If you can't wait for lashes to fall off naturally, please book for removal this is free for clients who got lashes done in the salon. Do not pull the extensions of yourself. 

    Don't get lashes wet for 24 hrs so that sealer can dry. 

    Lashes last up to two weeks. 

    60 minutes, £35,00

  • Pregnancy Back Massage

    Please note: Treatment can not be performed on..

    1st trimester

    -previous numerous miscarriages

    -if attending gp

    -tummy pain

    -pre eclamsia

    -Severe back pain


    -heavy bleeding 

    Benefits of this soothing massage are.

    Decrease in stress hormone

    Reduction of swelling

    Improves nerve pain

    Improved circulation

    Improved sleep

    Reduced pain in back Joints

    Stess lowered

    Client lies on their side with pillows added for comfort. 

    Soft relaxing massage using a plain oil so no risk of scents making you feel ill. 

    35 minutes. 

    Any questions please email:



    50 minutes, £26,00

  • Reiki

    Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. The reiki energy from therapist to client dispels blocks and negative energy. 

    This treatment is performed  in a warm room lying down on a bed, you will be fully dressed so wear something comfortable. 

    This is not a massage. It is the placing of hands on certain areas of the body, it is one of the most relaxing treatments available and will give you that time out you need while making you feel like a new person. Treatment time 40mins.

    60 minutes, £30,00

  • Deep Cleansing Facial

    80 minutes, £40,00

  • Manicure With Zoe

    60 minutes, £20,00

  • Mini Facial 45mins Treatment

    60 minutes, £25,00

  • Facial With Back Massage

    Mini facial and back massage.

    1 hour 5 minutes. 

    80 minutes, £45,00

  • Back Scrub

    30 minutes, £15,00

  • Gel Polish With Zoe

    60 minutes, £18,00

  • Full Body Massage

    70 minutes, £45,00

  • Leg Massage 30mins

    40 minutes, £20,00

  • Make-up

    40 minutes, £20,00

  • Lash Tint

    24 hour patch test must be done before treatment.


    20 minutes, £8,00

  • Gel Polish Soak Off for Existing Gel Clients Only....

    No other salons gel will be removed sorry 

    20 minutes, £5,00

  • Lash Removal *free* for Just Beauty Lash Clients

    20 minutes, £10,00

  • Toe Nail Polish.

    Nail file and nails polished. 

    30 minutes, £8,00

  • Gel Polish On Toe Nails

    Nails filed cuticle work and gel application. Nails dry immediately so no need for sandles.

    40 minutes, £18,00

  • Patch test

    10 minutes, £0,00

  • Brow Tint

    10 minutes, £4,00

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